A mystical nature of Lower U Minh Melaleuca forest

With tourists or visitors from all over the world who is the first time coming to Ca Mau, Lower U Minh forest is considered as a part of mystical land if they only have a look it throughout the film “Song of The South”, or prose poems of Son Nam writer, or folk tales of Uncle Ba Phi who is called as a King of lie in the south Viet Nam…which is covered by a wildland picture containing fully difficulties for ancestors coming and exploring this field.

The nature of Lower U Minh forest becoming more and more dangerous is that, it also has endowed for Ca Mau province lots of precious products which is difficult to find out in another place, presented at Vietnamese folk verses “in which the same as Lung Tram is, bird’s sound as an opera song, plentiful fish as fish sauce do”. The precious nature products that are achievements of farmers after hard-working day and reaping the fruit of one’s labour at the time when they went to reclaim virgin soil in this area.

Muoi Ngot community-based  ecotourism zone – Photo: Nam Son

During the time for discovering and exploring Lower U Minh forest in order to operate agriculture – forestry – fishery, this place started to appear the traces of tourism activities, starting point for fostering the development of tourism which obtains a highly economic efficiency today. By the popularity and simplicity, and its characteristics of the flooded forest ecotourism system, Low U Minh forest preliminarily promises of bringing for tourists and visitors from around the world having an unforgettable experience with particularly interesting.

Visiting to Lower U Minh, tourists can be enjoyed special products that the nature has endowed for this region, perceived the fruit of one’s labour from farmer’s own hands. It is really popular and interesting products with 100% fresh materials and simply processing such as Stewed Brackish water eal with Noni leaf, U Minh Jungle Polypody Plant eaten with Gray eel-catfish sour soup, sour soup with snakehead fish,  Anabas with hotpot, truielite grilled snakehead, cattails, and many other rustic dishes.

The way to Traps for eel – Picture: Nam Son

Drinking a cup of Three-leaf Cayratia Wine, which is a type of Cayratia found in tropical areas, accompany with Grilled Snakehead fish in rice straw and salt in order to get a sense of tongue’s sublimation is very famous activities in the Lower U Minh. In addition, both droning out a song of Vong Co, sightseeing the sunset,  tourists seem to be fall in line with nature and take a rest after hard-working time. It makes a strong impression on tourists from around the world who take a long trip to visit Ca Mau and trully leave tourist’ heart with an unforgettable memories.

Sweet as Mother’s love

Indulgent and lovely natural mother has an endowed for Lower U Minh forest with diversity of products. Especially, it should be listed here is bee’s honey brand. Under the forest canopy, the bees are working throughout the year to collect nectar from the Melaleuca flower pistils to nesting, providing a large volume annually. From year to year, the local residents who live by cut-down bee’s nest in U Minh forest. With the experience from ancestors, if they are a professional bees worker,  they just need to select one of the best position on mangrove or cajuput trees and then put a part of tree-trunk (usually used cajuput or areca tree and called as “honey hunter”) on the chosen tree. After approximately ten days later, the bees move towards and build the nest providing a large amount of volume.

Harvesting bee’s nest in U Minh – Photo: Nam Son

A pure honey of U Minh indigo forest is a special product of nature which endowed for the southern tip of Viet Nam due to its characteristic of collecting nectar from the Melaleuca flower pistils to nesting. Apart from using as nutrition foods, bee’s honey also have a high value in medicine. Natural honey have a lightly yellow, a condensation, a sense of the Melaleuca flower pistils, and a nature-sweet bringing you a sense of soft and sweet during the time you enjoy.

Participating in discover U Minh forest for the first time, travellers may be interesting the mysterious experience that they have ever took by following the bee bugle workers and walking to the forest to eat bees and collect its honey. Here, tourists could enjoy baby bees that have just been cut down, and enclose extra a bit of honey of U Minh Melaleuca forest’s flavor that would sweet to its tongue in the similar with a heart overflow that the nature has endowed for.

Travellers can’t be un-surprised what they have introduced about various kinds of food sterming from honey bees such as fried bees cake, shredded bee-crub rolls, bees soup,…and unrejected a chance for buying pure honey of U Minh Melaleuca forest to use or give as a gifts for relatives.

A new type of tourist and fully meaning

A new type of tourist of the coastal locality in Lower U Minh forest is an important sign of community-based ecotourism form. Community-based ecotourism is a specific type of new tourism in the river of Ca Mau, especially Low U Minh forest, due to the local residents operation, management and development in the aim of protect natural environment and cultural heritage existing around community and create high economic benefits for local people as well. The most important characteristic of community-based ecotourism form is to enhance the local citizent’s role in the community, reinforce their participation in making decision and the economic benefits from tourism area will be kept and maintained  in the local budget.

Basing on several advantages and mysterious nature, citizents in both U Minh district and Tran Van Thoi district had an attention on tourism, providing lots of services for tourist travel around forest by boat or canoe in order them to get an unforgettable experience on “honey hunter”, enjoy bees-eating with various kinds of dishes, beverage services and buy special products of U Minh forest…

A type of community-based ecotourism in Lower U Minh forest which is supported by Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism due to its high economic benefits for local people and its fully meaning for both effecitvely operation and natural resource protection. Let’s never miss to visit one of the most interesting destination when you take a trip to the mysterious place in which is the southernmost of Viet Nam.

 Writer: Thy Dieu

Source: http://www.baocamau.com.vn

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