20 delicious crab dishes of Ca Mau

Ca Mau Crab is a famous speciality that ocean has given to the land in the Southern pole of Vietnam. Ca Mau Crab is considered as the best one in Vietnam: crab meat is fragrant, sweet, firm into each fiber, crab-roe is fatty. They live in coastal alluvial land, rich in minerals and sea creatures are very developed, so food source for crab is plentiful. According to research by experts, crabs are high in protein, minerals and nutrients such as Omega 3 fatty acids that are good for brain and cardiovascular development and are beneficial to health, especially the elderly and children.

Ca Mau Crab conquers even the most fastidious visitors. It is a popular dish for Ca Mau people and is a favourite special dish of visitors all over the country. There are many ways to make this kind of nutritious food from simple and quick dishes to sophisticated dishes that require skills of cook to create unique and impressive culinary products.

For Ca Mau people, when catching crabs, the simplest way to process them is boiled crab. Inspite of being popular, boiled crab is considered as one of the most delicious crab dishes thanks to keeping full natural flavor of crab meat. The steps to make a boiled crab is wash crab and then boil crab for 12-15 minutes. Boiled crab is eaten with salt-green pepper or salt- pepper- lemon. The natural sweetness of crab meat, the fatty taste of crab-roe and the sour, salty, spicy of the sauce are the reasons why Ca Mau crab is so popular with customers.

cua luoc

Besides boiled crab, Ca Mau crab can be processed into a variety of dishes, enriching the menu of the land in the Southern pole of Vietnam. Now, let’s list 20 delicious dishes made from Crab:

  1. Steamed crab

If you have more free time, make steamed crab. Choose delicious firm meat crab, wash, steam for about 10 minutes with big-flame in the first 5 minutes and small-flame in the next 5 minutes so that crab is done. Sauce is made from fish sauce, chopped garlic and pepper. Then heat the pan, add oil, sauce, spices and and put crabs in, fry, stir crab evenly so that the sauce may get into crab. Steamed crab is served at Huong Dat Mui tourism site in Ngoc Hien district.


Steamed Crab – Huong Dat Mui tourism site

In addition, steamed crab can be made with other ingredients such as coconut-steamed crab, beer-steamed crab which not only eliminates fishy smell but also helps crab meat become firmer, sweeter and more aromatic.

  1. Salted crab

Salted sea crab is a quite close dish with moreish flavor. Eaters are always impressed by salty sweet taste of salted crab that is difficult to find in other dishes. Salted crab is considered as a complicated dish because of a long time of cooking. However, the finished product is very worthy. Salted crab is poured out on the plate with vegetables and aromatic sauce for which we crave inspite of just looking at.


Salted crab – Nhi De restaurant

  1. Crab sauteed in tamarind sauce

Crab sautéed in tamarind sauce is a great dish in summer. It is also a sophisticatedly prepared dish with many steps such as preliminary processing, fry crab, fry crab in tamarind sauce and finally decorate. This dish is impressive thanks to sourness of tamarind in hot spicy of garlic, chili, sweetness of sugar and the aromatic flavor of Ca Mau crab meat, which makes everyone remember after each meal.


  1. Crab in buttered green onion sauce

Buttered green onion is a popular spice in Vietnam, especially in the Southeast and the Mekong Delta. Buttered green onion is used in conjunction with many other main ingredients such as rice and rib, grilled oyster-cockle-snail, fried tofu or water fern cake, Soft thin vermicelli noodles, clear flour cake, etc. Crab and buttered green onion is a unique processing way of Ca Mau people. The sweetness of crabmeat mixed with the aromatic flavor of the onion leaves, fatty taste of fat and vegetable oil will create a special flavor, increase the deliciousness of crabmeat and stimulate the taste of visitors.


Crab in buttered green onion sauce – Goat meat restaurant 168

  1. Crab mixed with peperomia pellucida

Peperomia pellucida is a type of “sky vegetable”, grows wildly in wet places and contains many beneficial- to- health nutrients such as Beta-carotene (Vitamin A) with the higher content than that in carrot. Crab mixed with peperomia pellucida not only contains many beneficial- to- health nutrients but also a very nutritious food and medicine.


Crab mixed with peperomia pellucida- Ninh Kieu Restaurant in Ca Mau

  1. Crab in sambal sauce

Samba (or Sambal) is a popular sauce in Southeast Asian countries that originates in Malaysia. With crab in sambal sauce, chefs skillfully combine the elements of foreign cuisine with the natural ingredients of Ca Mau Cape, showing the endless creativity of Ca Mau cook, making an attractive new dish, changing taste for food believers.


Crab in sambal sauce- Vietnamese cuisine

  1. Ca Mau crab cake soup

Unlike most popular crab soup, which is dense thanks to tapioca starch, traditional crab cake soup of Ca Mau is attractive thanks to fatty and natural taste of coconut milk and is a familiar dish of Ca Mau people. Ca Mau cake soup bowel is the beautiful harmony between red color of crab-roe, white color of cake and green color of the onion and pepper color. In particular, soft rice flour soup, the natural sweetness of rice grains done manually from firm Ca Mau crabmeat, fatty taste from crab-roe and coconut milk that is a characteristic ingredient of many dishes of the Westerners create a delicious food, making visitors strongly impressed when tasting the food.


Crab cake soup-Muoi Ngot Tourism Site

  1. Crabmeat pie

Crabmeat pie is quite elaborately processed, boiled crabmeat mixed with squid, shrimp and other ingredients such as mushrooms, fresh noodles, noodles … To make the dish more attractive, beautiful, take the mixture into each crab-shell and then steam or fry in the hot oil pan. Crabmeat pie is served with some vegetables, tomatoes and is decorated in an eye-catching way to attract customers at first sight. It will certainly give visitors unforgettable impression.


Crabmeat pie – Crab Restaurant

  1. Crab spring roll

Be careful, this dish can make visitors “unbelievable”. Deep-fried crab spring rolls have “extremely delicious” stuffing made from Ca Mau crabmeat mixed with meat, vegetables and mayonnaise sauce and sour and fatty chili sauce, blended into each other in a harmonious way. This dish is suitable for people at all ages, delicious – brings a new flavor for Vietnamese spring rolls.


Nam Can Crab spring roll – Ozon restaurant

10. Phung Hoang Crab

“Peacock fried rolls, phoenix spring rolls” is an elaborately processed dish for the ancient kings in the formal banquet. Nowadays, phoenix spring rolls still maintain its exquisite and elegant value, appear in banquet thanks to chefs’ skillful hands. Come to the land famous for crab, enjoy phoenix spring rolls in the fisher’s style.

The main ingredients are crabmeat mixed with uncooked pie, seasoned and wrapped with seaweed, eggs and decorated in an eye-catching and delicate way. It will be a good luck dish for the family on Tet holiday.

11. Vang Kim Crab

Coming to Thoi Binh, do not miss Vang Kim crab, which is extremely delicious and nutritious and is processed from firm crabs. With the red color of crab combined with the yellow color of salted egg yolk and vegetables, it is decorated in a harmonious and eye-catching way. When you eat, you will find salty of salted eggs mixed with the delicious sweetness of Ca Mau sea crabmeat.

cua vang kim

Vang Kim Crab – Phuoc Nguyen Hotel-Restaurant

12. Hoang Kim Giap Crab

From delicious crabs full of fat, through many elaborated processing stages, crabmeat, crab-roe and gac fruit will be blended into a harmonious mixture of flavors with fatty taste of crab-roe, natural sweetness of crabmeat along with the eye-catching color of gac fruit. The eggs are beaten up and fried in thin layers and wrapped crabmeat. The appearance is like a crab in sparkled Hoang Kim jacket. This dish brings a new style and flavor compared to the traditional crab dishes and great nutritional value to health.


Hoang Kim Giap Crab – Pho Xua Restaurant

13. Curry crab

Curry crab is a unique dish made from Ca Mau sea crab, which is both delicious and moreish. The combination of the yellow color of the broth, the red color of crab and the aroma of curry makes it very attractive. Sweet taste from sea crabs, greasy taste of coconut milk and attractive red color from red cashew nut water stimulate not only the taste but also the sight of visitors.


Curry crab –Ly Na Restaurant

14. Cong Doan Crab Hotpot

There is nothing more wonderful than sitting together with the relatives and friends around a crab hotpot with fatty and sweet red crabs and sourness of vegetables. When it comes to hot dishes in winter, it cannot skip hotpot simply because in the cold winds and drizzle, nothing is better than sitting around a boiling hotpot that make you constantly take materials into and pick up cooked food.

lau cua

Cong Doan Crab hotpot – Cong Doan Restaurant

15. Crab hotpot

Be more unique, try Rao Crab hotpot. Look at the red hotpot of crab and tomatoes and the attractive herbs cooked in the style of Tan Tan Restaurant, it is probably difficult for visitors to neglect it. This hotpot will not make visitors feel tired of eating but it is extremely attractive with sourness and spicy and sweetness of crabmeat. It is really a delicious food.


Rao Crab Hotpot – Tan Tan Restaurant

16. Thu Thiet Crab hotpot

This is a hotpot made by the restaurant’s own recipe. This dish is made from Ca Mau crabs, mushrooms and wild vegetables such as: Cattails, Bong Bi, Cay Nang, gourd, wax gourd, loopah. Therefore, it has sweetness of nature and seafood aroma of Ca Mau crabmeat. This dish should not be missed when coming to Ca Mau.


Thu Thiet Crab Hotpot – Thu Thiet Crab Hotpot Restaurant

17. Crab and corn soup

Main ingredients are Ngoc Hien Crab, Phu Quoc fish sauce and American corn. This dish is a combination of food of three regions. It is delicious and nutritious thanks to two main ingredients: crabmeat and American corn. With the sweet taste of crabmeat, slight salty and aromatic flavor from fish sauce combined with the sweetness of corn, this dish is a blend of nutrients: Protein, Calcium, Fiber, Starch, Omega, etc.


Crab and corn soup – Thu Thiet Crab Restaurant

18. Nhu Y Crab

This is the exclusive dish of Nhu Y South China Sea Seafood Restaurant. Crabs used for processing are delicious crab full of fat, steamed and separated meat. The crabmeat is spiced up, seasoned and mixed with crabmeat and put it into washed crab-shells. The crab-shells are grilled in an aromatic and eye-catching way as follows:


Nhu Y Crab- Nhu Y Restaurant- South China Sea Seafood

19. Tay Cam Crab

Select delicious crab full of fat, remove shell, cut crabmeat into 2 pieces and then fry it in a hot oil pan. Pick crabs out and then process along with ingredients such as Dong Co mushrooms, Meo mushrooms, especially Korean sauce with characteristic spicy, sourness, sweetness. The dish is in a scarlet color, crabmeat is not broken; soaked in spicy and attractive.


Tay Cam Crab- International Ecological Tourism Site

20. Crab crawls on dike

The crab is processed into 3 tastes of 3 different regions: North – Central – South (sourness – salty – sweetness) to take the Food Contest of “Crab crawls on dike” with the characteristic spices to make an attractive and beautiful dish. Spices are tamarind, sugar, salt, garlic, hoisin sauce, peanut butter, Polyscias fruticosa leaves, chili and special sauce of Muong Thanh Luxury Hotel- Ca Mau to create the flavor of dish.


Crab scraws on dike –Muong Thanh Luxury Hotel- Ca Mau

By: Thy Dieu

Photo: Ca Mau Province Tourism Information and Promotion Center

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